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City of Sails: The History of Auckland City Council, 1989-2010
Published by UpStart Press, 2013

Working with David
A Hodder Moa Book, published by Hachette Livre NZ Ltd, 2008

The Myers
David Ling Publishing Limited, 2007
(Written with Paul Goldsmith)

Roderick Deane:
His Life & Times

Penguin Group (NZ), 2006
(Written with Judith Bassett)

Coates of Kaipara
Auckland University Press, 1995

The Essentials of Successful Leadership in Twentieth Century New Zealand Politics
Political Science, Volume 51 No. 2, December 1999, pp.108-119.

Tomorrow Comes the Song: A Life of Peter Fraser
Penguin Books, 2001
(Written with Michael King)

The State in New Zealand 1840-1984: Socialism without Doctrines?
Auckland University Press, 1998

Sir Joseph Ward: A Political Biograph
Auckland University Press, 1993

The Mother of All Departments
The history of the Department of Internal Affair

Auckland University Press, 1997

Three Party Politics in New Zealand

Historical Publications, 1982

The Third Labour Government
Dunmore Press, 1976

The 1951 Waterfront Dispute

Reed Books, 1972

City of Sails: The History of Auckland City Council, 1989-2010

Published by UpStart Press, 2013

Commissioned by the final Auckland City Council as a legacy project before it was folded into the new Auckland super city, this book is the story of Auckland's growth since early times, and of the changes brought about in Auckland in 1989 after reforms driven by the then Minister of Local Government, Michael Bassett. The book tells of the rapid changes across the Auckland isthmus during the final 21 years of New Zealand's premier local authority. City of Sails draws on many interviews with former councillors, staff and observers, and it carries many contemporary media comments. The splendid resources of Auckland Council's Archives were widely used, including confidential material from the time. The book contains many photographs, and it lists all senior officers, mayors, councillors and community board members between 1989-2010. It completes the sequence of books about the Auckland City Council written by Dr Graham Bush in the 1970s and 1980s.

City of Sails was launched at the Auckland Town Hall on 13 December 2013 at a function attended by many former staff and councillors. It is distributed by Wheelers' Books, www.wheelers.co.nz and sells for $59-99.