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Prime Minister Coates addressing Parliament, 1928
New Zealand's nearest candidate for a world statesman. Left to right: Mackenzie King, Churchill, Fraser, Eisenhower, Sir Godfrey Huggins and General Smuts during a halt of the special train in which the party travelled to inspect Allied troops who will take part in the liberation of Europe. May 1944
General Freyberg with Prime Minister Fraser at Cassino, Italy, 1944
An illegal pamphlet from the 1951 Waterfront Dispute, issued by the Combined Trade Union Committee, Auckland, 1951.
Election night in Waitemata, November 1972
Norman Kirk at the Labour Party conference, 1974, looking pale and drawn.
New Zealand Labour Party Caucus meeting to select new leaders, 6 September 1974
The new 1984 Labour Cabinet at its first working meeting late July 1984. Prime Minister David Lange centre right. From his left, Patrick Millen, Cabinet Secretary, Mike Moore, Richard Prebble, David Caygill, Frank O'Flynn, Ann Hercus, Colin Moyle, Jonathan Hunt, Kerry Burke, Peter Tapsell, Phil Goff, Margaret Shields, Fraser Colman, Stan Rodger, Bob Tizard, Michael Bassett, Russell Marshall, Koro Wetere, Roger Douglas, and Deputy Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer.
Fish and Chips Brigade, taken in Douglas' office after unsuccessful attempt to dislodge Rowling from Labour leadership, 12 December 1980
The new 1987 Labour Cabinet, Government House, August 1987
Announcing another major group of reforms, 17 December 1987. Left to right: Palmer, Caygill, Cullen, Lange, Bassett, Prebble and Douglas.
One Minister of Health (Sir Arnold Nordmeyer) meets another (Michael Bassett) August 1984.

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